Area Rugs

We “Care” for Your Fine Area or Oriental Rug

Oriental rug cleaning with a dry cleaning process in Richmond, VA.Wet cleaning a fine oriental or area rug can result in shrinking, fading, puckering, or color bleeding. In many instances wet cleaning will totally destroy what was once a beautiful rug.

We Work at Your Home or Business

Off-site rug cleaning can be just as dangerous. Harsh chemical solvents may be used, and the rug is often dipped or agitated in tanks or tumblers like clothes in your washing machine. Sometimes this can result in rips, tears, or breaks in the weave. Obviously, neither method is safe for your family heirloom.Area rug cleaning service for homes in the Richmond, VA area - Masters Touch Carpet Care.

We Clean Safely

Our “dry” cleaning process uses a mixture of gentle and safe cleaning compounds scientifically designed to dissolve dirt, grease, and grime without harming the natural fibers of your rug. Our special process is safe to use on virgin wool, nylons and other synthetics, and even fine silk. We also take extra special care and precautions with antique rugs.

We Can Clean Your Rug Today

And since we come to you, you won’t have to roll-up and transport your rug to an off-site facility, and wait a week for it to be cleaned.

When Master’s Touch “dry” cleans your favorite rug, you’ll be able to walk on it as soon as we leave.


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