Upholstery-Cleaning-Richmond-VAWe Clean Your Furniture Right

Some fabrics can be “wet” cleaned, others need “dry” cleaning. We use professional dry cleaning chemicals on fine or delicate fabrics, a special formulation for Haitian cotton, and a fine steam mist of wet cleaning agents for sturdy fabrics.

We Use Special Equipment and Cleaning Agents

We have special chemical formulations to clean the grimiest office furniture and partitions, and especially gentle ones to clean fine fabrics or leather upholstery. We use a powerful dry cleaning machine to inject the most appropriate dry cleaning agent into the fabric, and then extract it with very powerful suction. We can also do this with our wet cleaning method on appropriate fabrics.

We’re Different from Most Companies

upholstery-cleaning-midlothian-vaMost companies that clean upholstery use a wet method. Used improperly on a delicate fabric, this can often lead to shrinkage, yellowing, or even total destruction of your furniture.

And companies that advertise dry cleaning of upholstery rarely have the appropriate equipment to actually do the job in a professional manner.

Many of these companies merely spray the piece of furniture to be cleaned with a harsh dry cleaning chemical, and then wipe it off by hand with a towel. This doesn’t clean your furniture, and can even damage your fabric.

Unlike most companies we also clean the entire piece of furniture… the front, the sides, the back, the deck, and every pillow. And we do it all at your residence or business.


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