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Located in Richmond VA and serving surrounding areas

Brief History

A native of Lancaster, PA, Jim Grahek started Master’s Touch Carpet Care as a family owned and operated business nearly 25 years ago in the city of Richmond, VA. Since then his company has become the carpet cleaning company everyone else wants to be.

Known for meticulous work and a desire for complete customer satisfaction, Master’s Touch has been invited into some of the most prestigious homes and businesses in the Richmond area

Master’s Touch has always been on the leading edge of carpet cleaning technology, and helped pioneer the use of Host (a powder impregnated with cleaning agents). Since then Jim has moved on to other cleaning agents, and uses the one most appropriate to your particular situation.

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Carpet Cleaning vs. Carpet Restoration

Other carpet cleaners use water, lots of water, to clean your carpets. So much water in fact… that you might as well roll up your carpet and stick it in your washing machine! It doesn’t matter whether they use steam cleaning, carbonation, bonnets, or shampoo. The results are the same.

Carpets that are wet cleaned frequently shrink or pucker. The padding can disintegrate, mold, or mildew. And no matter which wet method is used, spots come back and your carpet inherits a sticky, gummy residue on its surface that attracts dirt like a magnet!

commercial carpet cleaning

The Big Difference

With our unique “dry” cleaning process carpets are misted with a mixture of powerful soil dissolving chemicals that are both environmentally friendly and totally safe for humans, pets, and plants.

Our carpet cleaning machines use counter-rotating brushes to work the chemicals deep into the carpet fibers, releasing the dirt that is trapped there. Dirt, oil, and grease then chemically transform into dry crystals, and we vacuum them out of your carpet. As we do this, we also lift your carpet’s pile to near-new condition.

When Master’s Touch cleans your carpets, they will look almost new again. They will look noticeably brighter and thicker. Your rugs will stay cleaner longer. Spots won’t come back. And if you take off your shoes and socks and wiggle your toes, you’ll remember just how good your carpet used to feel when it was new!


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