Dry Carpet Cleaning Services in Richmond

If you are seeking an affordable, effective, and convenient carpet cleaning solution, you may want to consider dry carpet cleaning. Dry carpet cleaning is one of the industry's latest innovations, and it has gained popularity in recent years. Master's Touch Carpet Care experts are thrilled to provide our clients with high-quality dry carpet cleaning services right here in Richmond. We offer our services to both commercial and residential clients.

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Dry Carpet Cleaning Method

Before you invest in dry carpet cleaning, it's best to understand the process. Here's how we break it down.

We will begin by vacuuming your carpets. This will allow us to remove any loose dirt and focus the cleaning process on hard to reach places. Next, we will sprinkle a deep cleansing powder on top of your carpet and brush it into the fibers using a motorized brushing machine. By buffing the compound into the carpet, the threads will open, allowing the product to settle deep into the carpet. The product is then left to sit and vacuumed away once it has penetrated the hard-to-reach dirt.

Discover the Benefits of Dry Carpet Cleaning

There are many reasons why home and business owners opt to invest in dry carpet cleaning. Let's explore the benefits!


Dry carpet cleaning is significantly more affordable than steam cleaning, making it an easy choice for property owners who are cleaning on a budget. This low-cost option means you can invest in deep cleaning more regularly, keeping your carpets in better condition, and maximizing their lifespan.


Dry carpet cleaning is more convenient: Firstly, it works great for spot cleaning or full surface cleaning. Secondly, because of its quick dry time, it is a great cleaning solution for high-traffic areas. Steam cleaning can take up to 24 hours to dry thoroughly, but dry carpet cleaning will only put your floors out of commission for approximately 30 minutes.

The Area's Best Commercial Carpet Cleaner

While our experts are often called upon to treat residential carpets, we can also provide our services in commercial settings. We understand the sensitivity of working in business spaces, and we are happy to accommodate your schedule and hours of operation.

The best part about utilizing dry carpet cleaning in your commercial space is that you don't need to close up shop for the day. All we need is an hour, and your carpets will be ready for traffic.

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There are many reasons to choose dry carpet cleaning, and when you do, Master's Touch Carpet Care is the team for the job. Our experts utilize only the industry's safest and most reliable products when working in your home or business to deliver you the highest quality cleaning service you can find.

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