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Area Rug Cleaning

We “Care” for Your Fine Area or Oriental Rug

Wet cleaning a fine oriental or area rug can result in shrinking, fading, puckering, or color bleeding. In many instances wet cleaning will totally destroy what was once a beautiful rug.

We Work at Your Home or Business

Off-site rug cleaning can be just as dangerous. Harsh chemical solvents may be used, and the rug is often dipped or agitated in tanks or tumblers like clothes in your washing machine. Sometimes this can result in rips, tears, or breaks in the weave. Obviously, neither method is safe for your family heirloom.

We Clean Safely

Our “dry” cleaning process uses a mixture of gentle and safe cleaning compounds scientifically designed to dissolve dirt, grease, and grime without harming the natural fibers of your rug. Our special process is safe to use on virgin wool, nylons and other synthetics, and even fine silk. We also take extra special care and precautions with antique rugs.

We Can Clean Your Rug Today

And since we come to you, you won’t have to roll-up and transport your rug to an off-site facility, and wait a week for it to be cleaned.

When Master’s Touch “dry” cleans your favorite rug, you’ll be able to walk on it as soon as we leave.


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Area rugs provide an excellent focal point for indoor rooms. They add color, value, and history to your rooms. Since they often see a lot of traffic, they also accumulate dirt and stains. Some people assume rug cleaning is an easy task to do on their own. They might hope to save a couple of dollars by just passing their regular vacuum cleaner. But home cleaning rarely delivers optimal results.

The professional residential and commercial rug cleaners at Master's Touch Carpet Care perform thorough rug cleaning that improves the look of your space. With training, experience, and state-of-the-art equipment, our experts deliver incomparable results. Don’t waste your weekend vacuuming when you can leave the rug cleaning to the professionals.

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Professional Rug Cleaning by Master's Touch Carpet Care

While area rugs bring comfort and beauty to your space, it’s important to keep them clean. Area rugs are expensive home accessories. Preserve their value by making sure they’re cleaned safely. Choosing the wrong cleaning method can permanently damage the fibers that give your rug its gorgeous texture. When you hire our expert team, you know we’ll choose the right technique for the job.

Our Rug Steam Cleaners Will Improve the Look and Smell of Your Rug

When dust, dirt, and stains build-up, it can be hard to remember how vibrant your rugs used to look. By hiring our experts, you’ll enjoy rugs that look as good as new. There’s no stain tough enough for our high-quality steam cleaning equipment. There’s no odor potent enough to resist our rug shampoos!

Residential Rug Cleaning Services for an Allergen-Free Home Environment

Over time, area rugs accumulate bacteria and allergens, which are imperceptible to the human eye. When someone walks on the rug, the pressure of their steps causes these irritants to rise up into the air. Breathing this air can lead to asthma, allergic reactions and other health problems.

Deep cleans help remove these harmful substances. We recommend cleaning your area rugs every six months. This keeps your rooms free of harmful bacteria and irritating allergens. If you have pets or small children, it’s a good idea to clean them every three months to keep everyone safe.

Commercial Area Rug Cleaning That Saves Time

Cleaning your rug takes a lot of time and energy, especially if you want a job done right. When you invest in our quality rug cleaning services, you make time for more important things, like investing in your business and your employees. Don’t waste your workdays steam cleaning or shampooing your carpets—make the most of your time!

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Contact Us Now for Professional Rug Cleaning

By hiring our professional rug cleaning company, you enjoy superior results without any of the backbreaking work. Save time and energy while enjoying exceptional results. With an experienced team and high-quality equipment, rest easy knowing you’re in good hands.

For a no-obligation consultation, contact us now. We look forward to hearing from you!

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