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“Dry” Clean Your Carpets

Clean and restore any residential or commercial carpet with our exclusive “dry” cleaning method, and you’ll discover what a really clean carpet should feel like. No goo, no stickiness… just soft, rich pile… almost like new. And it’s safe for any kind of carpet… natural, synthetic, even Berber or fine oriental rugs.

carpet cleaning
carpet cleaning

Keep Your Carpets Cleaner Longer

Carpets that are steam cleaned look great while they’re still wet. But give them a day or two to dry out, and you’ll see those ugly spots coming back. Even worse… in a couple of weeks, that grey dinginess that you tried to get rid of comes back too. That won’t happen withMasters Touch.

Forget About Goo

Cleaning carpets with steam, carbonated water, bonnets, or powders leaves a sticky, gooey residue behind. Just walk barefoot across a freshly “cleaned” carpet and you’ll see exactly what we mean. You won’t get anything sticking to your feet or oozing up between your toes with our “dry” cleaning method.

Walk on Your Carpet in Minutes

“Dry” clean your carpets and you can walk on them before we pull out of your driveway. That means no down-time for a business, and no interruption in your life for homeowners.

carpet cleaning

Protect Your Investment

Trapped dirt kills carpets. It weakens pile fibers, causes them to stick together, break, or disintegrate prematurely. Our “dry” cleaning method goes deep into your carpet’s pile, removing dirt, grease, and pet residue better than any other cleaning method. Our process maximizes the useful life of your carpet, saving you money.

Get Peace of Mind

Forget about noisy trucks, bulky hoses, and smelly chemicals. Our process is environmentally safe and friendly, and the best cleaning method available for allergy sufferers. No other cleaning process can remove mold, mildew, or pet odors from your carpet as effectively as ours can.


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